the amy & ted experience.

from by Rudy Charisma



i left the building
i was 35
it was midnight
just about
they said
hey, let's get some beer
i said
and we drove to a house
that i didn't know
it was up a hill
where the rich people go
i fell down
and i was 14

we sat in the living room
and talked about shit
then we watched a movie
about mobsters
and hit men
the night was turning out ok
then she asked me
to rub her feet
what could I say
across the room
was her fiance
i said no
i'm sorry
i don't remember why
but we had to leave
to go to their house
on another street
ted drove
amy sat on me
she whispered in my ear
you've made my life hell
and i thought to myself
you've made my life hell
then she said
she could
get some coke
i was young

we got to their place
she started throwing darts
they stuck in the leg
of her boyfriend
he looked up
and smiled
and pulled them out
the cat was alive
and having a ball
right when ted started to fall
he fell down
and scared the cat
we put him in a chair
he was passed out
and amy started with those eyes again
i looked away
i was 85

we had been talking
in code all night
and i looked through her hair
and i saw the morning light
it was too bright
it was tomorrow
ted woke up
and went to his bed
amy said
she'd go too
that's what she said
i fell down
i was 109

now it's tuesday morning
and i'm really stoned
still drunk from last night
and a long way from home
so i went to the bathroom
and i stole some pills
and on my way out
what i saw gave me chills
there was amy
tucking ted in
and all she had on
was a pair of leopard skins
from k-mart
she fell down
into ted's bed
i was old
i was old

i went to the porch
to look at the morning
i couldn't see the town
i rolled down the hill
and ran down the street
many blocks later
i got to my house
i jacked off
and fell asleep


from Main Street Ultranight, released May 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Rudy Charisma St. Louis, Missouri

Rudy Charisma recorded 250 songs from 1995 to 1997, after which he abruptly retired from the entertainment industry. He'd started playing with Morgan the Lotus in Athens, Ohio. They recorded as The Belts, then morphed into Rare White Squirrel. After moving to Saint Louis, Missouri he went solo, but by 1997 his output had dwindled to nothing. He has recorded just a handful of songs since then. ... more

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